• What fee do I have to pay?

    There is a one time signup fee of $50 on top of the initial $199 for Maestro Li.Co. There is no extra fee for listing nor editing products. There is also a yearly fee of $59.90. You will no longer have to pay the $35 yearly fee from Maestro Li.Co. There is a 15% transaction charge for all cloudmarket™ items.

  • How do I list my own products online?

    First, you would need to acquire a Cloudmarket™ account. Once that is done, you can access that account via a login link in your Maestro back office. For more information on how to get your own cloudmarket™ account, click here.

  • I need help with designing my webstore.

    We do have in-house designers that can help you customize your store to how you want it to look for extremely low rates. For more information, please email info@maestrolico.com or call 888-364-7773.

  • What should I do once my product has been sold?

    You will receive an email notification that your product has been sold, at which point you have 3 days to ship out the product and provide to us the tracking number for the products.

  • Could you explain more about the trasaction charges?

    FDC Holding tags 15% of the total collected revenue.

  • How do I get paid for my products?

    You will receive a check at the beginning of the month for your profits. The minimum for us to send out checks is $100. You can read them here.

  • How do I know when a sale has been made?

    You will receive sales notification via email everytime a sale has been made on your website. Our content management system also displays real time reports that detail out each transaction.

  • Can I list any item I want?

    Yes as long as they are not pornographic nor offensive in nature. They also cannot be used items.

  • My item does not fit into the categories provided.

    If your item does not have a category that fits its description, please inform us and we will create that category for you immediatly.

  • What if my item is damaged during delivery?

    We require you to pack your items securely enough for delivery. If an item is damaged due to insufficient packing, you as a seller would be responsible for the lost. If the damange is caused by the shipping carrier then you may claim with the shipping company that you use. Maestro is not responsible any damages.

  • Is there a demo site that I can view?

    Yes we do have a demo site that you can test out. Please contact us for more information.

  • Could you explain more about the trasaction charges?

    FDC Holding charges 15% of the total collected revenue to cover for credit card charges as well as a service fee for using our system.