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  • Highly Customizable Store - Do It Your Way

    Make your webstores what you want them to be! You can pick and choose what you want to sell and have your webstore catered exactly to that product line. With over 7000 products ready for you to choose from, you'll have the capabality to focus on what is most familiar to you.

    The design of the store is also easily changeable by editing the HTML/CSS. Upload your images, get your own logo, create your own banners, own your own store.

  • Easily Marketable Product - Growing Market

    The Maestro Program specializes in international foods, or basically food products that you can't get at the local Walmarts or Target. What this means for you is that it is still a relatively niche and fresh market primed for your taking!

    The Ethnic food market is growing exponentially due to the influx of other cultures into the US. With over 7000 different types of food products to choose from, you can easily find the products that they need!

  • Real-Time Sales Tracking - instantaneous Information

    Our stores tracks and compiles all the sales instantly. You will see the sales figures increase the moment an order is placed. Reports will show you what's the best selling product you have, as well as your profits per product.

    Use these reports to decide what should be your next step in marketing your website and making a profit.

  • Easily Manageable Backend - No Headaches

    The Maestro system is built with the consumer in mind. It does not take a PHD in computer science to operate! A majority of the functions can be completed with a simple tick.

    That does not mean that our system is simple. It allows comprehensive control over your site. You have access to add in your own coding, as well as change the base CSS.

  • Control Your Own Prices - Decide Your Profit

    A simple search on the internet will reveal that our products are already competitively priced compare to other sites online. Webstore owners will be able to increase their price to increase their profits, or decrease the price to increase volume.

    You can set coupons to encourage sales during the holidays! Work with popular social and viral sites to promote your webstore by offering special sales exclusively to these sites.

  • Market Your Own Products - Join The Cloudmarket™

    Place your product for sale on our network! Get the exposure that your product needs without having to spend thousands marketing it!

    All the products that you place will be made available to our whole entire network of webstores, reaching much more customers than simply opening your own webstore.

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